CyberMonday Personal Trainer Deal

The Sacramento Personal Trainer and
Coach for Your Dreams

Here’s the Deal… I love to TRAIN not just workout. I go to the gym with an intent, a purpose and passion. I’m taking on 5 new, 1 on 1 clients in Midtown Sacramento. I live by Fundamentals and the basics so even this “deal” is that way.

What is it?

You get 1 on 1 sessions with me for $35 a session instead of my standard $80 per session. You pay today but you set your start Date just do it within 60 days. 4 sessions a week or 2 sessions a week, they do not rollover. Oh and this price is locked in so long as you are, so when you stop you stop and you can restart at regular price.

Cyber Monday Sacramento
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What do you get?

  • Permission to badger me with questions. I mean really the consulting part is what you pay for, right.
  • Customized Program for you, your goals and your needs.
  • 4 Workouts with me in the gym a week.
  • Conditioning Protocols for training on your own for maximized results for whatever your goal is.
  • Nutrition Guidance to help you achieve your goals not based on Dogma or BS. We will find the diet and lifestyle that fits you that you can commit to. Did someone say Beer diet?

If you have a goal then I’m committed to getting you there. So let’s get to it.