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Got a Fitness Goal? You Will Probably Fail and Move-on with Your Life.

The Majority of people fail when it comes to losing weight, getting stronger, gaining muscle mass or meeting just about any health goal. The fact is 8% of fitness New Years Resolutions are successful.  

All the information available and all the nonsense people try and sell off or con off on consumers the one thing they don't tell you the CRITICAL ingredients to success that lasts is SUPPORT. 

The key to meeting your fitness goals is surrounding yourself with successful people and things that motivate you to stay on track and keep you focused on the goal or goals. There needs to be a #TeamYOURNAMEHERE.

If you want to get SWOLE then you need people who acknowledge your progress and tell you it is time for you to start shopping for XXL in order to not cut off circulation.

If you are looking to pull a Justin Timberlake and Bring Sexy back, then you need people around that point to that little black dress a couple sizes too small and have you confident that when it comes showtime... you will be killing the game.

That probably sounds silly...

BUT... How often have you doubted yourself and your ability to follow through? Would it not be helpful to have someone or even a group of people telling you, reminding you of the success to come?

The Reason You Fail Starts and Ends with You, BUT Like a Sandwich it is All About What is in Between.

There are numerous training programs, infomercial products, diets, supplements, Multi-Level Marketing and Network Marketing companies and all sorts of organizations that have success stories. 

All of those programs you will notice have one common goal they have social support in some form or fashion. They have an Online Forum. They have "meetings". The advent of social media allows people to stay accountable by putting themselves out there and then getting support.

So if you do not have a group to keep you accountable then feel free to, say "Hold on... let met take a selfie."

The ability to have people encourage you is priceless and even more so to have documentation of how far you have come overtime keeps you motivated and focused on the future. When you are doing something to improve yourself having the availability of people giving you feedback, reminders and helping to establish your confidence in the direction you are going is the edge that typically separates that 8% from the pack an makes them successful.

They are held ACCOUNTABLE.​

Screenshots. Videos. Selfies. Swolefies. Pics of you working out. ​Whatever you have, these are tools for motivation. 

Keep Each Other Accountable.

Share Your Progress Inspire Others and Remind Yourself

Record Your Successes!

Just Taking Selfies and Talking a good game is not going to get RESULTS.

Remember I said all successful programs have social support, but they would not have social support if their system did not bring success.

You have the last 12 issues of whatever magazine and the workouts you said you were going to do. The "Super Secret Diet of the Stars" that so-and-so used to get ready for that movie everyone is talking about.

Then again maybe you are the person who has tried every "diet product" and "slim wrap" they ever made. As a matter of fact you have two full containers that you never finished after giving up on them.

The truth is, you have to have a system that works.

That is great and all to have support, but you have to be going in the right direction. You need to have a program tailored to success. That has a following. A Culture that is built on success. 

When it comes to meeting fitness goals and choosing a SUCCESSFUL program there is a lot to look at:

  • What exactly is my goal?
  • What is the Nutrition Program like?
  • Am I going to just gain all my weight back after I am done?
  • Is the Nutrition program sustainable?
  • I have a family, how will the nutrition program affect them?
  • What do the workouts look like?
  • Are there people like me in this program?
  • Is there a workout involved?
  • Will they accommodate my needs?
  • Is working out important to my goals?
  • How can this program get me there?

The big SECRET in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work. - Oprah Winfrey

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I am sure you are quite familiar with some of these questions.

  •  A sustainable fitness program has a Support component. Whether that support is of a Coach or Trainer, friends and family, social media or even a support group/meeting. All programs that help push people to keep to their goals and hold onto their results have a support. 
  •  There has to be accountability. There has to be a process in place that allows you to track where you started, how far you have come and how much farther you have to go to reach your goals. This data allows for feedback and for the setting of future goals.
  • The program has to work and fit your needs. A program that works for everybody else is "cool" but if it does not work for you or cannot adjust to what you need then it is entirely useless. Your program should be able to adjust to what you need.

There is No Reason You Cannot Have Your Cake and a Trim Waist,TOO...

You would agree then that we are looking for a program that is sustainable, enjoyable... FUN. Yes, fun because there is a reason that a program is sustainable. People who stick with it genuinely, Enjoy it and not just the temporary results. 

We are talking about throwing out your headphones and listening to high energy upbeat music of today and getting after it while engaged with people during your workouts. Engaged in working as a team to reach a goal, YOUR GOAL.

The moment you have a battle buddy when you are sitting and thinking about doing something that will derail your goals and they text you with a better idea. Or conversely when you decide to do something that may have derailed you in the past but they encourage you that the world is not over.

A Misstep Does Not Have to End Your Journey.

The reason you are here reading this is because you are looking to be successful.. You believe that you have what it takes to succeed, you are only looking for the opportunity. The right environment. 

The gym is a foreign land to many​ but what most gyms miss is providing a Culture that makes you want to fall in love with. Like going to Italy and finally understand what a pizza is and how that experience should be felt the first time you perform a proper squat and hit a personal gym record for yourself. Something you want to relive.

What would you do if it were impossible for you to fail? 

A place where you are only ONE workout from a Good Mood.

​Where you are given the opportunity to MAKE THE DAY RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!!

I WELCOME You to the Community of People Who Have Decided that EASY Will No Longer Suffice.

John David Reynolds III and
Innovative Strength & Conditioning.

​The Facility High Energy, Results Driven!

As former athletes, Our training philosophy is built upon multi-planar athletic movements & strength training. We designed our facility to create a true athletic training environment.

EVERY INDIVIDUAL, regardless of fitness level, age, gender, or goal gets the best results from a comprehensive strength & conditioning program in a safe training environment coached by educated, experienced professionals.

  1. Building Quality Muscle & Reducing Body Fat: Our programs are designed to turn your body into a Fat burning machine, allowing you to trim down your waist and develop the physique you desire.
  2. You Will be Around Success: You will be around people who have done this all before and people who are going through it right now. They are right there with you. Plus you are will have multiple coaches around you pushing you and urging you on.
  3. Nutrition Is Key: When it comes to weight loss, muscle building or getting ripped the most important thing in all counts is "What are you eating?" John's system allows for flexibility to learn to still enjoy food while getting the body you want.
  4. Results Tracking: The ability to see where you started and where you are going is important to know your successes and where you need to work on. John tracks your body fat, measurements, strength development and not just your weight. 
Conditioning for Fighters

See what some of our customers have to say:

"There is no better feeling then seeing the results you want..."

I can't even really put it into words. John is such a great personal trainer... he has a wonderful personalit y and he always makes sure you feel like you can do it. I couldn't ask for a better trainer.
He has a wonderful program that keeps track of all your progress, as well as meal plan. The meal plan is great and most of everything takes a minimal amount of time as well as being family friendly.

We joke that it's miserable, unfun, and painful but the truth is.... it's wonderful. Don't get me wrong it's hard work but you always have to work for what you want. Yes... it is painful sometimes but when you see the inches come off or go on, you really get a feeling of euphoria. There is no better feeling then seeing the results you want, and hanging with John is always fun. I always look forward to our next training session.
Thank you John for everything

Sacramento Personal Training
Cassie Ellis
Stay At Home Mom

"No other way but to train with the BEST!"

​I wanted to thank you for helping me out so far in my fitness journey. When I started taking your cross fit classes at Landpark, I was hearing how you were training your group in West Sac with weights. I was doing a lot of cardio and wasn’t comfortable with lifting weights. I went to your class in West sac and that was it. I stuck with it and loved it. The way you train and pushed me. There were times I wasn’t feeling it. But taking your classes helped me a lot physically and mentally. Then you moved to The Innovative building and that was it! You trained me like crazy but I saw the results in a month! I told you what I wanted to see and it’s just the beginning. I gained muscle like never before.. I always trained myself and just kept my weight down. But to see that a body can be transformed in a month is incredible. Thank YOU JOHN!!! I’m so Happy for being there and for pushing me even when I didn’t feel like it.

I can’t wait for the next month and see more results. You’re an amazing trainer. Unique, RAW, BOLD, STRONG, FUNNY and of course just you being YOU.

Still amazed how my booty grew... LOL #bootymeat #Bootyexpert… LOL

I know that if people want to see results the way I saw them. No other way but to train with the BEST!

Take care have a great day!

Thanks again JOHN!!!

Sacramento Personal Training Results
Maria vejar
Purchasing Coordinator

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"John is the best personal trainer that's out! I let him know what I wanted and had great results in just 1 month and even better results in 3."

Sacramento Personal Training
Raeven Smith                 

"I've never met a trainer that has such a personal touch..."

If you are looking for a personal trainer that will give you personalized service, then you MUST go to Reynolds Performance Personal Training!!! This guy (John) will set up a personal program, including planning your nutrition, to meet your goals. He is with you every step of the way, providing personalized services. He is awesome about sending you occasional emails and text messages to educate and motivate you to achieve your goals. I've never met a trainer that has such a personal touch, with true commitment to his clients. His prices are so reasonable for this level of service, that this is a NO BRAINER!!

Seriously, call him today and set up your first appointment. It's free for crying out loud. I don't know if he is still doing it, but it used to be that his first TWO sessions were free because he wants you to try it before you buy it. Doesn't get any better than that folks.

Dr. Chip Studley D.C.

"John is a mad scientist when it comes to the human body and performance."

Personal trainer for fighters
Harry Gopaul Retired Boxer

He has my best interest at heart.

He is a Wonderful Motivator. He is more than a Trainer John is definitely a role model and friend. He has pushed when I needed a boost, pulled when I thought I couldn't do anything & stood beside when I needed it. I am still a work in progress But I know its worth every drop of sweet and that he has my best interest at heart.

Weight Loss Coach
Katrina Davis Pharmacy Technician

Answers and knowledge to a wide range of areas

John is attentive, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in his clients and their goals being known and working towards reaching them.
He is willing and available to provide direction, answers and knowledge to a wide range of areas... Nutrition, supplements, why and how.

Boot Camp in Sacramento
Sylvia Neal State Worker

Each workout is different...

If you want a challenging and effective workout, come see John! His workouts are personalized to help you meet your goals. Each workout is different so that you don't get bored doing the same exercises over and over again. John is very knowledgeable and ensures that you are able to perform each exercise correctly without injuring yourself. He helps to push you and keep you motivated through each workout. I have definitely seen improvements and am closer to my fitness goals since workout out with John.

Midtown Sacramento Personal Trainer
Yvonne N. State Worker

Time to Stop Wishing For it and Put in Work For the Body You Deserve 

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  • Goal Setting Consultation ($69)
  • Flexible Training Hours
  • 8 Week Training Program Written Just for You ($238)

This will cost you nothing but the time to sit down and talk to me. I understand your time is valuable but for the time you put into this will be investing into your future and enjoying your life. You will come in and get your consultation and work out with me in my successful program in an environment that is RESULTS driven. Surrounded by a Success motivated atmosphere. 

You will get a nutrition program customized to your preferences. That adjusted week to week so that you never eat the same things while learning to be flexible in your eating habits so a drinks with friends will not kill you and pizza night is still okay. This is the program that I have used to allow my clients to be successful and you will be too.

Separately This Would Cost $615 

There is nothing to lose here. You get to come in and check out if this program is the right one for you. Then get to test drive the nutrition system and training program totally free. 

Yes, I am that confident that you will find SUCCESS!​

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"If you want to be average... then by all means, be average. Exceptional is to be another animal that everyone else only gets to envy."

Sacramento Personal Trainer

John David Reynolds III
Sacramento Personal Trainer